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Become a Follower of Rupert Bear - Followers' Benefits

There are great advantages to membership. Members receive a host of items that are not available elsewhere. These include:

Marching Band

  • A thrice-yearly Nutwood Newsletter.
    This is packed with Ruperty articles, some serious, some semi-frivolous, as well as news of new products related to the little bear. (view a sample download, bottom right)
  • An exclusive calendar each year.
    This is produced by the Followers, solely for the Followers.
  • Specially published booklets featuring Rupert newspaper stories that have never appeared other than in the newspaper itself.

Members also have access to:

  • Exclusive, limited edition, items such as mugs and prints, not for sale on the open market
  • Signed copies of the latest Rupert annual
  • Specially produced Christmas cards, notelets and other stationery
  • Bookmarks

The Followers have extensive merchandise for sale - but these items are for sale only to MembersSee the catalogue

The Followers' AGM

The Followers hold their AGM each August in Warwick. This is surrounded by a fun day.

Follow the link to Warwick and read about the 2015 Warwick Annual. You will also be able to see information and pictures from the day surrounding the Followers' 2013 AGM.


The Followers' Library


The society also has an extensive library of Rupert-related books ranging from those written by Mary Tourtel to the latest annual together with sets of comics, videos and other Rupert media.

Pride of place is a virtually complete set of Daily Express newspaper clippings; most of these are original clippings and include the sets collected by Alfred Bestall himself.

As a Follower you are able either to borrow these artefacts or, for those that are irreplaceable, come and view them at the library.


The Followers have a membership scheme with three separate levels:

Full membership is as above. In addition to full access to the private members' part of the website enjoyed by E members, full members receive copies of the Nutwood Newsletter and other publications and notifications by post. Many of our Members enjoy receiving 'hard' copies of our beautiful publications. Full members may purchase from the Followers' sales list and have full voting rights at the AGM.

E.membership entitles members to full access of the website including the private members' section, thus enabling them to view and download Followers' Newsletters and other publications. They will not receive any hard copies of these through the post but otherwise are full members with full entitlement to purchase from the Followers' sales list and with full voting rights at the AGM.

Associate Membership entitles members to make purchases of exclusive Followers' items from our sales list. These items are not available elsewhere. Associate Members are entitled to participate in the annual Rupert Followers' raffle, with the chance to win exclusive items. They are not able to access the full/E members' private side of the website, and are not, therefore able to access or download our publications, nor do they have voting rights.

Subscription rates

Associate membership - £4.00 yearly
  • Full access to the shop

NB: This is an automatic subscription through PayPal that will charge annually if you do not cancel it.

Electronic membership - £15.00 yearly
In addition to Associate member benefits, receive:
  • Full access to the website content
  • Electronic copies of newsletters and other publications
  • Voting rights at the members AGM

Automatic subscription through PayPal that will charge annually:


One off Payment to join for the coming year only:

Full membership £28.00 yearly
In addition to E member benefits, receive:
  • Printed copies of the newsletter and other publications

You may join either as an individual or jointly for a couple. Membership is renewed each year. Followers joining as Full Members will receive some free Ruperty goodies:

  • A Followers' pen
  • A set of Followers' coasters
  • A set of 2018 Followers' bookmarks (all subject to availability).

Individual 1-yr membership:

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Joint 1-yr Membership:

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Please allow 48 hours for any membership updates to be processed.

Please check your membership status in the my 'membership area' (top right) to see that your membership update has been processed.

Checkout our constitution and rules... (204 Kb)(95 Kb)

To Join -

IF YOU WISH TO JOIN, click the 'JOIN NOW' button below.
If you prefer, you may download and print the form below and send it with payment to the Membership Secretary (details in 'Contact us'). Once we receive your payment you will become a member and all benefits will be available to you.

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* Due to high bank charges payment must be in sterling, cheques must be drawn on a UK bank, and only British Postal Orders are acceptable.

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When you join you will be able to purchase any of the items from our sales catalogue - but please allow 48 hours for your membership to be processed before trying to place your order.

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