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Please note, we are a Society for Members and

unless you are a member, we are NOT:

  • able to advise about the value of Rupert Books or other Rupert-related items
  • answer specific questions about Rupert stories or publications
  • offer any facility for sale of your own Rupert items

Such information is, of course, discussed amongst Society Members.

If you are interested in the Society and wish to join us, please use the form below to send us an email, or if you prefer to contact us by post or telephone, our contact details are below.

Postal address

The Followers of Rupert Bear
The Secretary, John Beck
29 Mill Road, Lewes, East Sussex

Telephone numbers

John Beck (Hon Secretary) - Tel: 01273 477555

Tony Stanford (Membership Secretary) - Tel: 01442 266658

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Data Privacy Statement

We do keep limited personal data of members (names, addresses and, if provided, phone numbers and email addresses) which we believe is collected, processed and secured appropriately. This information is used only for the legitimate interests of membership, such as distributing the Nutwood Newsletter and other information to members, maintaining the membership records, processing renewals, communicating to members individually on membership matters where appropriate, and, if the member has requested these services, access to the members´ area of our website and our Facebook group.
Members´ information is shared by certain committee members in order to undertake their duties for the Followers. We supply members´ addresses to our printers to enable them to mail the Nutwood Newsletter, which addresses they will then destroy when that process is completed. Otherwise we do not provide data to any other organisation or individual.
We have, as required under the new regulations, formally appointed a ‘data protection officer´ and ‘data controller´. These roles are now assigned to our Membership Secretary, Tony Stanford. We have also produced a Data Protection policy, which will be reviewed regularly by your Committee. If you have any concerns about any of this, or as a member would like a copy of our Data Protection policy or would like to see the details we hold on you, please contact Tony Stanford, our Membership Secretary, membership@rupertbear.co.uk.

Please note:
On odd occasions, people have thought we have not replied - when we have. Please check your spam filters or make sure that secretary@rupertbear.co.uk is an address from which it is alright to receive mail.

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