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Warwick - an annual event

The Followers hold an annual gathering which co-incides with their Annual General Meeting and is surrounded by a fun day.

The AGM 2016 was on Saturday 27th August.

There was, as always, a sellers' bourse, where members could choose from countless items of Rupert ephemera, and replacement copies of those long-lost Rupert annuals from their Childhood.

Below is some information about the 2015 Meeting and Fun Day. (Members will find information about more recent events, and current news, in the private Members' side of the website):

Fantastic Speakers

Followers were delighted to be addressed by two very interesting speakers: Geoff Dunbar and Ian Lowell.
Director and animator Geoff worked with Paul McCartney on the Frog Song as well as work with Aardman Productions.We had an insight into the production of lots of his interesting work.
Ian, a lifelong Rupert fan, who worked in art and design is a regular lecturer on the artwork of Alfred Bestall and other characters such as Dan Dare. Ian had some very interesting tales to tell.

Meet the Artist

In addition to talks on Rupert members had the opportunity to meet Stuart Trotter, the current Rupert artist and storyteller. Stuart signed copies of the 2015 Rupert annual, released for Christmas 2015.

Unique prizes

There is always a bumper Rupert raffle, where participants have the chance of winning unique Ruperty items that are not available elsewhere.

For 2015, Stuart Trotter created a beautiful piece of original artwork. Here it is.
One very lucky Follower won this beautiful piece!

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More about Warwick

Information and pictures from the 2016 meeting, together with other information about the Society is available for members to view on the private members' side of the website.

Meanwhile, have a look at some of the activities from the 2013 AGM which took place at Warwick School on 24th August 2013 and was surrounded as ever by a fun day:

A major focus for Followers is the 'Annual' - a gathering which takes place in Warwick every August.

Numerous dealers and other sellers offered almost every Rupert book ever published and a wide range of Rupert ephemera. The main dealers who specialise in Rupert attended and many rareties were available for purchase.

The traditional Rupert annual signing by Stuart Trotter, the current Rupert artist took place.

Stuart signs for some younger Followers

During the day there was:-

  • The traditional Rupert play performed by OTFM Productions
  • Punch and Judy and a magic show from the Great Barloni
  • Origami Society members who gave demonstrations and coaching in paper folding to Followers.

The bumper Rupert Raffle

The Rupert Raffle took place and as usual the prizes were unique Ruperty items that cannot be purchased elsewhere.

Prizes included:-

  • A piece of original artwork by Rupert artist, Stuart Trotter, shown above
  • Beautiful original hand painted Rupert colour pictures by Gina Hart
  • Proof pages from Rupert publications kindly donated by Egmont publishers
  • An lovely Rupert letter rack

Handing out raffle prizes - there were plenty of happy winners.

The Gala Dinner

Many Followers make it a whole weekend event. On the Saturday evening there was the usual formal dinner with amusing interventions between courses.